One of My Favorite Songs From Boards of Canada 

Boards of Canada - Poppy Seed (Remix of song by Slag Boom Van Loon)

The player will show in this paragraph

I like this song because of the emotional sense of seriousness and urgency it conveys. And I just think it grooves.

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What Is Christmas About? - The Good News of An Objective Salvation 

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Christless Christianity - Michael Horton 

Check out this site and get the book. Good stuff.

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Isn't It Ironic? Don't Ya Think? 

I find it ironic and funny to see so many emerging/emergent types so freely and publicly proclaim their "humble" service to others, I guess as if to say, "Look, I'm doing my part to help the poor and disenfranchised, what about you?" Sounds like the very selfishness, self-righteousness, pride, and Phariseeism they hate in much of the Christian right.

These are two Post-Evangelical Chaos Posters that speak to this very issue:

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John Piper Caught Throwing West-side Gang Sign 

Now we know where his true convictions lie: on the West Side! Corny, I know, but I thought it was funny someone actually got him to do it.

Original link: ... -signs.jpg

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The Worldview of New Age Business Leadership Guru Lance Secretan 

This is a brief clip of one of Lance Secretan's presentations to a group of corporate employees. Notice how at the beginning of this clip, he disregards anything Christianity had to offer in history as an explanation for natural and supernatural reality. He doesn't even mention all of the thousands of Christian thinkers who have contributed greatly to the progress of "humanity" who believed Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. These voices are simply ignored. Sure, he mentions Jesus as a good moral teacher, and even quotes Him in the presentation. Yet Secretan cherry-picks what he wants from what Jesus said without dealing with the portions of Scripture where He claims to be God Himself, the only way to salvation, the greatest Person in all of history. This is ignored, for to deal with these texts simply denies his own worldview perspective of reality.

At the very beginning of this clip, he makes clear that (at least according to his understanding) 6000 years ago, we lived on the premise of mystery, magic, myths, fairy tales, etc. It is assumed then that Christianity is included in this category of mystery and mythology. And therefore, its explanations of reality are theoretical, mythical. They simply don't apply to us anymore. The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God. Read More...
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On Caroline Kennedy as Senator 

Do I really need to comment on this? If she even gets selected as an option for the Senate seat, that will be the biggest power play in history of someone with a only a family name for credentials, who has absolutely no political experience, and no solid, proven work experience. She can't even talk to the media herself. She doesn't have a chance. And if she does, there are other undemocratic forces at play.
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The 'I Am Second' Campaign - A Review 

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(Archived): ... %20Second/

Being an evangelical Christian in our culture and at the same time being bombarded with these techniques of the evangelical church of which I am apart, in the name of witnessing on our freeways, makes it very hard not to say things that concern me. For the record, I do believe some positive can come out of this whole "I am second" campaign. I would not even presume to know what God is up to. But there are factors which are concerning about this strategy, factors of which are indicative about our own movements beliefs.

I posted recently that I myself need to be careful about my own personal criticism of the church at large, and I still hold to that. What I'm warning myself and others about is the tendency toward uber-criticism, that is, a critical spirit. My criticism can quickly turn to bitterness, anger, and frustration at what I'm seeing and it can consume me, much in the same way any other sin can. A legitimate concern (something good in itself) becoming an idol or obsession: this is sin. And boy are we sinners good at taking something good and corrupting it! I must watch over my own heart and it's quick slide into arrogance, as we all do in whatever our pet sins are. The heart is deceitfully wicked above all things, who can understand it? I surely don't.

Yet at the same time I must be honest and truthful with what is going on in the world around me (particularly as it concerns my own Christian grouping of which I consider myself apart) while not letting those things turn into uber-frustration at the expense of the glory of God and His sovereignty in all of it (my own personal holiness and sinfulness). Please understand that this is more of a call to first clearly understand the Gospel ourselves (continuing to do this our whole lives in studying Scripture) and then clearly proclaim that Gospel message to the world around us, unhindered. Read More...
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A Great Summation of the Entire Bible and Particularly the Gospel 

I found this on the front page of

"The message of Christianity is that the God who created the heavens and the earth identified himself with the people of Israel and related to them in a way that pointed to the needed coming of the Messiah. This Messiah would atone for our transgressions, conquer the power of sin and death, empower us by the Spirit to obey from the heart, and gather his people unto everlasting joy. The Messiah came, was born of a virgin, lived and talked and worked in a way that identified him as the Only Begotten Son of God, and died on a cross. After three days Jesus triumphantly resurrected from the dead. He appeared to the apostles and over 500 other disciples. All who will turn in their hearts from sin and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting in him for forgiveness and eternal life, will be saved from hell and enjoy personal fellowship with God and his people."
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A Call To Move Forward - The Practical Results of Seeker-Sensitivity 

As Carl Trueman on and Al Mohler on have pointed out recently, something is so fascinating with the recent wave of criticism by the left of Obama asking Rick Warren to perform the invocation at his inauguration (which I must give Obama credit on being a consistent relativist as opposed to others on the far-left): no matter how friendly, or nice, or palatable or seeker-friendly you make your message concerning what Scripture says about God's Law or the Gospel itself, those who are unbelieving and God-hating, those who are adamantly opposed to what is said still view you as a crazy, fanatical nut.

Warren even goes so far as to be a middle-of-the-road kind of guy politically speaking, I'm guessing with the hope with bridging a cultural divide. Yet it seems to not matter to those who hate Scripture. Now Obama is receiving a backlash of criticism from the far-left gay rights community for asking Warren to do the prayer, as well as those who simply believe in the normalcy of homosexuality, because Warren believes it to be sin according to Scripture. And in doing so, they believe Warren to be a "fundeemeentaleest," even though he has gone to great lengths to make his message more acceptable to a hostile, post-Christian (quickly becoming anti-Christian) culture. Read More...
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