What is Happening to Journalism? USA Today Blunder ... 

Demonizing Condi

I thought journalism was supposed to be a profession that just gives you the news and lets you analyze it. This "profession" is dumbing down more and more everyday. USA Today, if you haven't heard, took a photo of Condoleeza Rice and doctored it to give her a rather sinister appearance, making her look sort of possessed. What ever happened to just good old news reporting? Just give me facts, don't give me your spin on it. And with pictures, why not try to get a decent image and leave it as is. Even major news sources (newspapers, internet, TV, radio) are beginning to go the way of the tabloid, becoming more and more sensationalized to bring in readers, listeners, and viewers. They are sacrificing quality for quantity, attempting to make a story something it isn't to get more devoted people, in order to raise their revenue through advertising. It's all about the dollar and the political agenda ... and it's driving me nuts.
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