Whoa man ... talk about "1984"-ish Technology 

http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id ... 20cameras/

This is freaky, particularly the parts about the cameras telling you when you are engaging in anti-social behavior. How exactly do you define "anti-social behavior"? So I assume eventually evangelism of any kind will be considered anti-social behavior (I mean it already is in many quarters)? Where does this stop though? Well, according to the track-record of mankind, it won't stop there; it will continue on until something awful happens and only war will stop it. England is becoming a surveillance society on a scale never-before seen except in books like 1984, where you are told from a person you cannot see what you should and should not do. And as cultural trends go in Europe, so will they be here eventually. We are already beginning to see more and more cameras at traffic lights in our society, but even more than that, we are seeing them in the public square where we are constantly being watched. Man, do we need to be careful ...
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