First Cyber-war Against a Nation, Estonia 

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When I Say Obama and Edwards are Socialistic, This is What I Mean ... ama_health

Universal healthcare: it sounds like a great idea, healthcare for everyone right? Who doesn't want that? While it sounds plausible, and may in the short-term fix many financial woes of those suffering from outrageous insurance rates and unbearable co-pays, the long-term problem is that healthcare quality will suffer dramatically. And to be honest, despite the high cost of healthcare, we have one of the best quality systems in the world. If we follow the example of those European nations who have moved to universal healthcare though, getting in for cancer treatment will take six weeks. Literally. I know this because a friend of mine had a mother in Sweden who was diagnosed with cancer but could not get in to see the doctor for six weeks because of bureaucratic red tape as a result of the universalization of healthcare. She died shortly thereafter.

Obama's (and Edwards) solution to healthcare is to excessively tax the rich and give to the poor to pay for this. In most classic economics classes (except for those redefining the meaning of these terms like at Harvard, Yale, and GWU), taking from the rich and giving to the poor is called socialism. It is a move away from capitalism. And I guarantee healthcare will never be the same if this ever becomes policy. This is what I mean when I say Obama is socialistic. And when I say that I guess you could say what I mean is neo-socialism, not old time Soviet Socialism. Instead of this new kind of socialism being applied to solve our healthcare woes, we need policies that will address the current healthcare market and fix those problems instead of scrapping it altogether.
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MySpace Bulletin from Stephen (my brother) From Over in Iraq 

Well, I'm still here on FOB Hammer...(3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division) Type that into Google if you want to know anything about whats going on with me.

I lost a buddy I hung out with downtown Columbus, Ga a few days ago. I guess he's my first war loss that's had a real emotional impact on anyone I know out here. The fact that I'm at war has hit me a little harder now. I felt pretty invisible until a person I knew and went to a concert with passed away.

The Bible has been more source of trust and security these days. I can be strong and go outside the gate, but I really have to read some promises of Christ before I'm totally comfortable to be there for my buddies.

The heat has been unimaginable out here. I'm getting used to it, but water, cold water can be hard to come by sometimes. Ice isn't everywhere and water sitting in piles gets heated up really fast.

I've learned a few things out here that'll never leave me so far. For one, its how big of an impact Christians could have if they just lept out in conversation with people. If for a second that feeling of safety and comfort was forgotten and an admiration for Christ was poured out from our lips. It's amazing how much I think about myself when the person next to me is thinking about himself....when all we need is Christ.

The girl I've been hanging out with has really been pushing me to know God better and have a consistant relationship with Him. We have an independent relationship right now, but it's really been good to meet someone who talks to me as a friend and not an instant girl friend. Her relationship with God is as close as my knowledge of God, so we balance each other out pretty well just hanging out. She's from Georgia and is probably the best Christian friendship I've ever started with a girl before, so be praying for that.

Care packages...Gum, sunflower seeds, drumming magazines, Christian books, sermons are all good things to send.


Previous bulletin from May 19:

Sorry its been so long since i've e mailed everyone, but i was supposed to go to an outpost on friday to help support our scouts out in the sector. i'm still supposed to go and the town has been marked a hot spot for mortars and small arms fire, but no one has died out there the past two months. Any prayers about moving out there will be welcomed. I was told I was picked to go out there because of my Ranger background, so i guess we'll see how well that pays off again. i've been sick, coughing up stuff and throwing up on a pt run so that hasnt been too fun, but the medics take care of me when i decide to drop by. I spend most of my days listening to a radio for my 1000 or so sized battalion and play guitar, eat, play drums in the chapel or talk afterward. It's been really boring here and there, but that's how these types of 'peacekeeper' units are. I'm still wanting to go back to ranger battalion when i go back to fort benning and am thinking of enlisting as an 11b (light infantry) when i go back. i'm still supposed to come home in september, but that could be earlier, probably not later because my unit is trying to send most of the people now in case we get sent home early. i've been reading romans a lot and hanging out with a girl who loves to talk about the Bible so that's been pretty cool. She has so many questions and is excited to learn about God. Well, I'll see you guys within the next few months. Love you all

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Are We Really This Complacent Now? ... wards_dc_1

After only five years since 9/11, we now have politicians like John Edwards saying, "The war on terror is a slogan designed only for politics, not a strategy to make America safe. It's a bumper sticker, not a plan." This is in the words of Bush today, "Naive." I agree. How could we be this near-sighted? Six terrorists were recently thwarted in their plot to hit Fort Dix a few weeks ago. They are here and waiting to attack, plotting attacks.
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Excellent ... 

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In DC This Week 

Just for everyone's information, I will be in DC this week for Documentum training. Today I went to the Mall, walked around and ate in China Town. Very nice. The orange chicken was great. The FBI building sure is locked down. I cannot believe how big some of these buildings are ...
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True Hyper-Calvinist Website 

Want to see an actual hyper-Calvinist in action (as opposed to Ergun Caner's characterization that all Calvinists are really hyper-Calvinists)? Here's a "good" one ... ... remember a hyper-Calvinist is not a zealous Calvinist (which I consider myself to be), but they possess repulsive, deterministic theology that leads them to cease evangelism and prayer, to cut off ties with anyone who doesn't adhere to their theology, and which brings about a lack of love for others, as clearly seen on this website.

If this theology and fruit is what characterized historic Calvinism, I would want nothing of it, 1) because of the lack of love and Gospel, and 2) because of the repulsive doctrine. Fortunately, this is not what characterizes authentic Calvinism, which can be read here. People like this hyper-Calvinist, who call themselves "true Calvinists," and then spew their vile that non-Calvinists are not saved, are why many oppose Calvinism (though these people are very much in the minority of actual confessing Calvinists). If you're not a Calvinist, according to them, you're not a believer. In addition, if you speak "peace" to non-Calvinists believers (like I do!), you are not saved as well. Hmm, who made them ultimately authoritative in judging men's hearts? Absolute Non-sense. No love, no Gospel, only spewing judgment on Arminians (and us Calvinists who speak peace to them, like George Whitefield) who they say are damned because of their heresy or fellowship with heresy. This my friends is hyper-Calvinism. And it is deadly to the soul. I am a zealous Calvinist not a hyper-Calvinist. I believe this judgment they make of non-Calvinists (though I cannot know their hearts in any manner as God does) exposes the hearts of people like this who, through their constant condemnation of others (just like the Pharisees were doing), have convinced themselves they are saved based upon not the work of Christ alone, but on that PLUS their understanding of election and predestination and all the inner-workings of salvation they apparently have inside information on apart from the Scriptures. We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone revealed in the Scriptures alone as the ultimately authority to the glory of God alone.

Fortunately for the sake of the lost, people like this are in the minority (they are not historic Calvinists who believe in God's sovereignty in salvation and the indiscriminate preaching of the Gospel to all) and because they do not evangelize, they do not reproduce, nor do they produce fruit of the Spirit, as evidenced in their lack of love, kindness, gentleness, patience, self-control, etc (granted I cannot and do not know their hearts, but this is what is at least seems apparent to me). Since when is perfect understanding of all Christian doctrine a prerequisite for salvation? This is a form of gnosticism. And since when did anyone at all in this life ever have perfect understanding of everything concerning salvation? Well, apparently they do. Do we not all in some areas have theology that is wrong, where our thinking is not aligned with God's (practically speaking) and yet confess that Jesus is the risen Christ unto salvation? I personally struggle against sin and unbelief everyday, imperfectly coming before the Savior for healing and cleansing. People like this are doing the same thing they accuse Arminians of doing, adding something to the Gospel, and it is poison. Praise God Arminians preach the Gospel to all people without distinction. These people do not even preach the Gospel except to those who they deem are elected (which how did they obtain this knowledge outside of the Scriptures?).

Here is James White's (historic Calvinist's) response to an unsolicited mass email from the hyper-Calvinist who runs the site I posted (neo-Gnostic hyper-Calvinist):

Also: A Primer on Hyper-Calvinism - Phil Johnson
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Scientists Changing Their Minds on Man-made Global Warming 

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Jerry Falwell Has Passed Away 

AP news just reported that Jerry Falwell passed away at 73. And while I doctrinally and philosophically have disagreed with Falwell on his tactics in confronting an increasingly paganizing post-modern culture with the Gospel, I do believe he loved Christ, preached the Gospel, and that many were saved through his ministry by the Grace of God in the cross of Christ. As the body of Christ, we should mourn the loss of someone I consider to be a brother, who though he had many strong arguments with Calvinists and unbelievers to the point of being unloving and unmerciful (haven't we all?), he was indeed a soldier of the Lord and is now with Him (based upon his profession of faith). I agreed with most of his assessments about culture and can stand with him on about 90% to 95% of theological issues concerning Christianity, but disagreed strongly with his application of grace to an unbelieving world, seeing him as coming off arrogant, self-righteous, and unkind (this is what unbelievers have told me frequently of Falwell and what I have observed). However, I glorify God that he confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, and that He is with Him.
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How Are Statements Like This Not Racist? ... ost_1.html

George Lopez, according to this LA Times blog entry, after his show was canceled, is quoted as saying, "TV just became really, really white again." Let's turn the tables around and theoretically say that if 24 was canceled and Kiefer Sutherland stated in anger, "TV just became really, really black again," or "TV just became really, really Mexican again." Wouldn't you hear from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson or the LULAC in about two seconds on MSNBC or CNN about how racist Sutherland is and what a Nazi bigot he is?

Why is it there is no outrage of the same nature as when Imus made his comments and was fired, essentially being silenced? To be consistent with the Imus firing, shouldn't Lopez be silenced as well in the form of a discrimination lawsuit or something? No, rather what would happen is he would say he was being discriminated against and would sue those attempting to sue him, and probably win! The double-standards in our society seem to be increasing. One guy says something, and gets fired. Another guy can say what he wants without fear of retribution. In fact, he'll probably somehow make money off of the deal. Racism is alive and well in our society, just in a different form than before. Pay attention here, Lopez's statement is blatantly racist, and going totally unchecked. That's the way these things go I guess ... just some observations.
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