Classic Pioneering Electronica from 1977 - Kraftwerk - The Robots 

Keep in mind ... this was in 1977. Still weird, but it gives it some perspective ... 31 years ago during the middle of the Cold War, two years before I was born.

Documentary: ... werk.shtml

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ACORN-Like Tactics Seen Infiltrating Facebook 

Well it appears the very same line of reasoning ACORN has been using to win an election (you know, at any cost, no matter what it takes) seems to have infiltrated the Facebook admin frontier. So I was having a conversation with someone on Facebook about abortion and a friend emailed me a link to Justin Taylor's blog post pertaining to an article by Robert George about Obama's radical abortion record. So I posted it in the conversation I was having on Facebook. I highly recommend you read it. Later, the friend I was having a conversation with on the site sent me a message (which I read through email) asking me if I had checked the link before I posted it because Facebook flagged it as abusive content. I was like "Huh?" Didn't make any sense. So I logged in to check it out and sure enough, I got this when attempting to click on the link:

So merely talking about abortion and how committed a candidate is to support it is grounds for being abusive in a leftist/utopian (Facebook) world? Seems to counter the "neutral," inclusive, accepting stance they claim as the pillar of their whole worldview and position. This just proves that no one can be truly relativistic or neutral on anything, you will always side with one group or another. In this case, a group claims neutrality and inclusiveness of all, yet if you disagree with their brand of "neutrality" and inclusiveness, you are excluded from conversation. This is no exception.

UPDATE @ 11:56am on 10/15/2008:

Looks like Facebook has now removed the abusive block on the link. Interesting. Well, you have a screen shot above.
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The Financial Collapse, Net Neutrality and Political/Economic Theory 

I'm a conservative and a strong believer in free markets because it stokes competition, which benefits the consumer in the way of lower prices for goods and services, and ultimately creates a greater level of wealth for the majority in a society. I believe corporations should be free to compete and prosper with as little government intervention as possible. I am not for Obama's economic plan of redistributing wealth like Robinhood, taking from the rich and giving their money to the rest of us (who are in relation to their bags of money, poor). What I'm talking about here economically is not taxes or income redistribution, but checks and balances within an economy to ensure that those on top don't make decisions that injure the lives of thousands of people. How is that best achieved in light of man's sinfulness and tendency toward greed?

As we've seen in recent weeks and building up over the past decade, unregulated free markets without proper checks and balances can spin out of control and cause entire corporations and even some sectors of the economy to collapse (or face the prospect of it) and hurt thousands or possibly millions of people in its devastating wake.

So what is the proper approach? Totally unfettered, unregulated free markets? Fully regulated markets? Or free markets with minimal but necessary regulation so as to keep corruption from occurring, with the people's interests in mind? Read More...
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James 3: A Story - Really Convicting Video 

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Total Rage Toward Republicans in Manhattan 

I'm warning you in advance: there are quite a few middle fingers and maybe a few obscenities screamed out in the background. But I post this to simply show the kind of utopian world liberals demand we all live in. And if you object ... well just watch. In posting this, I do not think conservatives are morally better people because we're all jacked up. Conservatives exhibit Pharisaical attitudes many times, whereas liberals many times (as shown in this video) will exhibit the attitudes of Herod or Nero. Both camps, at their worst, were murderers in the Scriptures.

But I do want to point out, at merely the intellectual level, the blatant contradiction in ideology and practice of the pure liberalism here in Manhattan. I believe this is quite telling about how "unity" is defined between liberals and conservatives. And the quote at the end I think sums it all up: "The leftist idea of unity is, and always has been ... the elimination of dissent." That attitude is clearly displayed here.

Now I know there have always been some conservatives who have exhibited the same kind of behavior toward homosexual people or toward others they disagree with, which is wrong. However, I would submit to you they are in the minority. This is taking a walk through a public section of a major city, not just one small segment. This is the leftist ideology at its essence. Many liberals talk all day long about being sensitive to all kinds of people from differing views. Yet I see very little of that attitude exhibited here.

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The Prodigal Sons, Tim Keller, Politics, and the Gospel 

The Prodigal Sons - Tim Keller (MP3)

I've heard this sermon before, but listened to it again because it's so excellent. I'll admit: recently I've had a wrong tendency to want to blackball one political group over another. Keller reminded me (because I'm so quick to forget) that even deeper than all of that is an attitude of superiority.

In taking a step back from all of the nonsense going back and forth between camps at this time, I realized (once again, because I need constant reminders) that there are many unbelieving conservatives who are the elder brother in the parable. They influence much of what is heard and thought about in the conservative political sphere. This is also true in the liberal sphere.

As believers in the Gospel, we (I) really need to be careful about how much stock we put into what they tell us. Our priority beyond politics is the kingdom of Christ and His Gospel. How quick my own heart is to forget that ... yet one more reason why I need to preach the Gospel to my own heart on a continual basis.
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A Zeal For God Not According to Knowledge 

"For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge." - Romans 10:2

These words were spoken by Paul testifying to the Jews zeal for God, His ways, His acts, His words. Yet their zeal for God, as he says, was not according to knowledge. The whole discourse of Romans chapters nine through eleven is dealing with the unbelief of the Jews as a whole and how it is God's promises to them still stand in light of the fact that a majority of the nation of Israel rejected the Messiah, Jesus. Paul's undeniable response as to why God's promises still stand is that not all physical Israel (Israelistes) is spiritual Israel (all of God's people for all time), but rather His promise stands according to election, that is, His choice, not ours, in who He wants to save through granting faith.

Reflecting on this verse in particular though made me think not so much in terms of the Jews as a whole though, but rather my own heart (the first place we should start in applying the Scriptures) and its daily tendencies toward unbelief, and in our own day, specifically within evangelicalism at large within America. There are many people in our culture who claim to be Protestant Christians, who claim the title born again, claiming to be regenerated by the power of God from death to life, and yet their lives are totally out of sync with that confession, living as if they had never been born of God's Spirit. There is no outward evidence pointing to the inward, supernatural reality that the Holy Spirit has indwelt their hearts. This verse makes me think about this a lot. How many of us in our Evangelical Christian Culture have a zeal for God, just as the unbelieving Jews did, yet a zeal not according to knowledge, that is, a zeal for God outside of the Gospel? No one can definitively know of course, for only God sees the belief or unbelief of the heart. Yet there are clear indications in Scripture (James, 1 John) that point in one direction or the other. Read More...
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Dark Helmet's Evil Twin Sister 

So, how is this fashion? Saw this on today. Apparently, this is the latest "cutting edge" fashion on the runway in London. I'm scared and confused ... Lonestarrrr! (Movie reference - Spaceballs)

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What If McCain Said This About Hillary? 

"You can put, uh, lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig." - Obama.

Let's just reverse the political playing field for a moment, all things being even. Can you imagine the back lash from the left (not to mention the media) if McCain had made a comparable statement about Hillary a few months ago? The double standard here is strikingly bright, like phosphorus reacting with chlorine gas (okay, nerdy illustration, but you get the point).

In other related news: Student GOP leader resigns over Obama remark ... So, a Republican student makes a very racially insensitive statement against Obama and gets rightfully canned (by his own party members I might add), and yet Obama can make such insensitive statements toward a woman running for the VP slot, as the one above, and not go unchecked, even by his own party, who implicitly and explicitly pride themselves as being the founders of political correctness, equality and sensitivity? Please. I must say this is turning out to be a very revealing election about the philosophically illogical inner-workings of relativism in our society. It is impossible to put on a "neutral position" face forever. Eventually, you're true colors will begin showing, especially if you are running for President.

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O'Reilly Presses Obama on Economic Issues 

"If I'm sitting pretty and I have a waitress who is making minimum wage plus tips, and I can afford it [healthcare] and she can't, what's the big deal for me to say I'm gonna pay a little bit more? That's neighborliness." - Obama. Now you tell me what he really believes about what is best economically for this nation. It's called redistribution of wealth.

I find this interesting: at the beginning of the interview, O'Reilly starts to quote statistics on the growth of the economy; but then in response, Obama halts O'Reilly's statistics defense and states how "we can play a statistics game" all day long and not get to the heart of the issues (paraphrase). Yet throughout the whole interview, Obama seems to find it convenient to use statistics in defense of his point of view over and over again. So can we or can we not use statistics? It's just clear from this that Obama is a master at dodging tough, direct questions.

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