Plaid - E.M.R. 

Not sure if this is an official music video by the band, but this is one of my favorite songs from Plaid. The video has some decent ideas for video effects and whatnot, but then it gets kind of lame toward the end. Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that I love some good IDM. Plaid is one of my favorites. Excellent arrangement of odd time signatures and layered rhythmic patterns in this song. By the way, I have no idea what E.M.R. stands for.

Plaid - E.M.R

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A Perfect Example of a Postmodern Religious Perspective 

Original: The Gospel of Will Smith -
Archived: The Gospel of Will Smith -

I love Will Smith. I think he's such an awesome actor. But we part ways on issues concerning Jesus. We do not worship or speak of the same Jesus together. Al Mohler pointed this article out on his radio program the other day.

Of particular interest, Will Smith says,
"I love the nature of humanity's search for meaning. For me I'm certain about my relationship with the model of perfection of human life that's laid out with the life of Jesus Christ. I'm certain of that. So I'm at home and not fearful when I sit in a mosque or a synagogue or a Buddhist temple, the same way that I'm home in the Church of Scientology. I like anywhere people are searching for the truth, and I respect their path and I'm intrigued by their path. I think when you are certain in and of what you believe in, you can open your mind to seeing the ways of others. I'm not bothered when someone says "Allah" because they're talking about Godówe are talking about the same person. I was in India recently and my hotel was near the Taj Mahal. Five times a day there would be a call for prayer, and it was the most beautiful thing. I was lying in my bed thinking, no matter what your religion is, it would be great to have that reminder five times a day to remember your Lord and savior."

Can you point out the presuppositions to his religious worldview? Emphatic doctrines he speaks? Here are a few. Read More...
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Something I Have to be Careful About - Cynicism Toward Evangelicalism ... uth-in-lo/ - Dr. Kim Riddlebarger

Some things in this article really spoke to me about my own sinful tendency toward cynicism concerning evangelicalism. I'm very discouraged with the movement and where things are headed. I made that clear in my recent post concerning Rick Warren. This discouragement isn't bad in itself because it is rooted in a desire to have the Gospel be the thing for which we are known. It is what my heart does with that discouragement that is wrong. It can easily turn into bitterness.

Some people have totally left the evangelical movement, as the author of the article has, in favor of a confessionally Reformed church movement. At this point, I still consider myself an evangelical, and my desire is to stay within evangelicalisms' circles in hopes the Lord will use any influence I might have (because of Him, not me) to help point people toward the Gospel, away from the pervasive self-helpism of our culture, and find their all in Christ alone, for both justification and sanctification. If anything I do is successful, this is to the Lord's credit. If anything I do fails, this is my own wrong doing.

Regardless, I wanted to share a particular section of the above article because it really spoke to my heart about my own errors and tendencies toward error. It reminded me that maybe I need to spend a lot less time criticizing the evangelical movement and simply speak the truth in love, both on my blog and toward people. Read More...
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True Change or Politics as Usual? 

As I was watching CNN this morning before work, they came on with the story about the Illinois Governor and possible ties with people inside Obama's transition team and those inside his newly minted cabinet. The CNN headline read, "True Change? Or Politics as Usual?"

I have to ask myself, where were stories like this during the campaign, you know the whole "no bias, no bull" thing that CNN pushed every night on cable news? Is Obama bringing any true political change? Or is he just bringing politicians in from one of the most politically corrupt states in recent history? And therefore, is this a negative "change" to even more corrupt politics, moreso than we have seen yet (I can hear the Bush-haters now)?

I realize Obama has not been implicated in all of this, and honestly I'm not even really questioning his integrity in all of it (though one has to wonder with all of his connections to Illinois and his own very quick rise to power within a few short years). I'm simply asking the question that if Obama promised to bring true political change and integrity to the office of the President, why is it he chose people who are now directly tied to this quite scandalous investigation? What else does he know? What other "machine politics" might he be connected with from Chicago? What does this say about his decision making as the Commander in Chief? And what does it say about a country where a majority of the people elected him to office if he is just politics as usual? Was he elected simply because he became a brand name that stood for a dream that in reality was a phantom ("Change we can believe in"), or because he would actually and effectually change things? Read More...
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Where Did the Mighty Green Push Go? 

Oh yeah, that's right ... it was all marketing anyway, a facade ... and when the economy crashes, marketing and advertising are the first things to get cut. Plus, when the economy is down, there's no money to be made, because the green push only works when the economy is doing well. Hmm, what does that tell us about the reality of things?

The mighty Green push has disappeared from the media, with the exception of big companies like NBC and CNN still pushing it (I'm assuming because for them, there is still money to be made based on statistics), despite the fact that 2/3 of the presenters at the UN's IPCC conference dissent against the theory of man-made global warming.

Can you tell this is a sticking point for me? :) The level of absurdity with this nonsense continues to boggle the imagination.
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Warren: Try Trusting Jesus for 60 Days ... Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed? 

Now I know Warren was joking in the video when he said this, but seriously. Wow. Thanks for this, Rick. That is exactly how your presentation comes across in all reality.

I must say, with Warren being a spokesman for Evangelicalism, I'm a bit ashamed of this Gospel presentation on our behalf. This is a picture of what a Gospel message folding to culture looks like. The only reason I comment on this is because it is a video in the public domain and he is a representative for Evangelicalism. His Gospel message (in this clip) is more semi-Pelagian (maybe even Pelagian at points) than Augustinian though (the root of historic Evangelical thought). I cannot and do not endorse Warren's brand of the Gospel. Just listen to his non-defense answers to Colmes about the exclusivity of the Gospel in the video.

Warren says, "I don't think [Christ] came for Christians [only]" (my insert to explain the context). So my question is, who exactly did He literally and proactively come for then? Who is it He came to save with His blood, effectually? The whole world, every person without exception, or His people in particular? The judgment seat of Christ at the end of Revelation alone seems to refute that it was every person in the world without exception. But to give even more force to the argument that Christ came for His sheep in particular, here are some more texts. Read More...
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More Than 650 Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims  

This is just too good not to comment on:

(Original): ... 4616db87e6
(Archived): ... %20Claims/

Just read some of the quotes from top-level, international scientists at the UN conference on climate change. Unbelievable. To think that Gore and the media would tout man-made global warming as an absolute, definitive consensus in the scientific community ... it is a total, flat-out lie. There's nothing else to call it really. There is apparently more to come from this conference soon.

And we would have very restrictive laws imposed on us as a society to address a phantom theory? And massive amounts of tax payer money used to address the phantom, the vapor that is man-made global warming? Goodness people. Aren't we smarter than this as a society?

Here are some choice quotes:
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Where Are We Headed? Praise God He's in Control of All Things 

Everything may shift around us at extremely fast rates ... and yet God and His Gospel remain constant. Plant yourself in Him and His grace to us in Christ, for, "the times, they are a-changin'," really really quickly.

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The End Point of the Five Points 

We in the Reformed community talk incessantly about the Five Points of Calvinism like there is no tomorrow (from here on referred to simply as the Five Points). I'm even doing that in this blog post in fact. This is not without good reason, but I believe the Five Points themselves, if not kept in proper focus upon the One for whom they are meant to exalt can themselves become a distraction from the end goal: the glory and exaltation of God through Christ in the Gospel of His grace to sinners.

If you want a good summary of the Five Points of Calvinism, here it is: the exaltation of the glory of God's grace (hence why they have also been called the Doctrines of Grace). The Five Points are all Christocentric, that is Christ-centered, as John Hendryx has gone to great lengths to show in recent days in an article he's written, and any one point that is denied breaks the entire cohesiveness of their final point collectively: the exaltation of the glory of God's grace. If this is not kept in mind, we ourselves who claim the name Calvinist can become distracted by debating the finer points of a doctrine (for the sake of intellectual pride) without focusing one tidbit upon the One for whom they are meant to point: Christ and Him alone.

The sole point and purpose of their articulation is to focus our eyes, doctrinally speaking, upon the work of Christ to redeem us that we may find all our joy and satisfaction in Him alone and finally see how great His love really is toward us. All blessings, from conversion, to faith, to sanctification, to being mercifully blessed with enjoying an excellent glass of Pinot noir or a fat Chipotle burrito ... all these and so much more are blood-bought gifts purchased in the cross. However, the Five Points central focus, aim and goal is to look upon God's effective work in Christ to save His people, bring us to Himself in effective power and keep us so that we may not fall away into eternal destruction. Herein lies true love, that God in Christ would give His life for His bride effectively, not potentially.

I want to spend some time showing (as best as possible, by God's grace) how each of the Five Points lift up and exalt the work of Christ, though not necessarily following the traditional TULIP acrostic. This is not necessarily a Scriptural defense of the Five Points, that can be found here: . This is simply a defense of showing how each point exalts the work of Christ to save us. Read More...
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The Calvinistic Resurgence in America - Humbly Thank God, Cease All Boasting ... l.php?1487

"To this reviewer the Reformed Faith means four things. First, there is a love for Martin Luther and what God wrought through him in the amazing re-establishment of the doctrine of justification by faith and clarity about salvation which has its source in the sovereign grace of God and not in the merit of the free will of man. Second, the Reformed Faith is confessional. I subscribe to all the chapters of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, known as the 1689 Confession. That Confession is the legacy of the English Puritans. Third, there is the clarity of the Five Points (TULIP) formulated at the Synod of Dort. Fourth, there is passion. Another word for passion is love. The church at Ephesus was commended for orthodoxy but was running low on love (Rev. 2:1-7). The doctrines of grace mean little if they reside merely in the head and do not live with love and passion in the heart. And if grace rules in the heart we will not be sectarian, cultish, censorious, judgmental or superior to others who are not ruled by grace." Read More...
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